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Dear Guest,

Thank you for visiting our website and thinking about us and our services for your upcoming event.

In recent years, there has been great success stories of Gujarat’s economic development in many Indian newspapers and media. All districts of Gujarat takes equal credit in state’s economic prosperity, however role and contribution of Anand District cannot be undermined.

Anand District (better known as “Charotar”), has made unprecedented progress in my sectors of Gujarat’seconomy starting with agriculture, todairy farming, to renewable energy, to education, to pharmaceuticals, to telecommunication, to infrastructure, to housing etc etc.

Whereas Anand District, has maintained its leadership position andexcelled in many economic sectors of Gujarat, however it hasn’t still kept up with changing times to match needs or demands of local & international customers, when it came to “Hospitality” industry.

In 2009, I was visiting an outdoor location for a family event in Anand, where I saw banquet staff inappropriately behaving with their guest who were at no fault. In a heated conversation between guests and staff members, itwas very disappointing to see how staff members behaved and handled customer’s needs. Their approach to handle clients in this service sector was highly unprofessional. Ultimately they end-up ruining our family event.

Let me quote Anthelme Brillat-Savarin from 1825, “To entertain a guest is to be answerable for his happiness so long as he is beneath your roof”, I decided to find “Umang” with basic principle of ancient hindu values of “Hospitality” which say’s “Atithidevobhav” meaning “Guest is God”.

Economic prosperity of Gujarat has brought better lives for local residents in Anand District. At the same time NRI’s (Non-Resident Indians) visiting their motherland are always in search of better and improved quality of service at affordable price. Modern day guests command the best, the opulent, even the extravagant. The envious call it hedonism, label it as material pleasures; but whatever it is, it’s here at Umang to stay and to please you.
  Our company is build on 4 basic attributes of “Service” industry;  
  1 Is welcoming, friendly, and courteous staff who believes in delivering results
  2 Is knowledgeable, efficient & innovative approach
3 Instills trust, transparency and commitment to excellence
4 Affordability and Value proposition to our customers
  “Umang” means joy. We believe that the joy you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you. So from home to home, heart to heart, from one place to another, from all of us here at Umang we want to make your event more cheerful and memorable for life.  
With blessings of Lord Ganesha, support& hearty wishes from our clients, staff, family and friendsI introduced to you “Umang Events Pvt Ltd”…. at Anand, Gujarat
  Enjoy your Event !!!!  
  Late. Shri Kantilal Patel
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